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Thanks to…

This research would not have been possible without the help and support of inspirational friends, academics and archivists who have helped my in my journey to discover more about Henry Hill. Any images are reproduced with the permission of the institutions or individuals required. My thanks to these institutions and generous individuals are also made here.

Dan Robertson, Curator of Local History & Archaeology, Royal Pavilion & Museums who has been fantastic as an archivist in supporting my research, including dinner recommendations.
Pip for her enthusiasm for the project and invaluable contributions.
Daniel Jarmai specifically and the archive team more generally at Christie’s London who were gracious with their time and help.
Barbara Pezzini for her support, sharing of Tooth Stock book documents and general enthusiasm.
Sally Harrower, National Library of Scotland, for giving librarians a good name.
Dr Paul Barnaby, Acquisition and Scottish Literary Collections Curator, Edinburgh University Library for his thoughtful help on the painting The Abduction of Isabella Vere by Richard Beavis.
Emma Restall for being a great study-buddy, even at a distance.
Anna Gruezner Robins, University of Reading.
Liz Waring, Curator, Sheffield Museums Trust.